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Process for Community Engagement in Malton

The Community Engagement Process begun in late August and will continue conclude by December 20, 2008. The Community Engagement Process will be conducted by the Association of Ontario Health Centres whose work will be directed by an Advisory Committee. The Process will include:

  • Population health research on current socio-demographic indicators in Malton
  • Approximately 30 representative interviews of
       - Service providers
       - Community members across all sectors in the community including:
             - Education
             - Housing
             - Health
             - Social Services
             - Community Support
             - Public Health
             - Faith Communities
             - Region of Peel
  • Two Community Forums
  • An online service provider survey
  • Consultations with agencies currently providing services to Malton residents. These would include:
       - Other CHC’s and FHT’s in the area
       - Local Healthcare Practitioners
       - CCAC
       - Health and Social Service Agencies
       - Region of Peel
       - CW LHIN
  • A final report and recommendations submitted to the Board of Directors of Bramalea Community Health centre, which subsequently will be submitted to the CW LHIN.