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Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is a Bramalea Community Health Centre (BCHC) Board of Directors sanctioned committee that will work closely with the AOHC consultants engaged to conduct a community engagement project in Malton. This project is one of several preliminary steps in the establishment of the Malton Satellite. The committee will oversee the work of the consultants and will assist them in reaching and making connections with all community stakeholders such as community leaders, health professionals, service providers, and social services agencies.


  • Three Executive Director, Director of Client Services and the Diabetes Coordinator of BCHC shall be on the Committee.
  • Four community members reflective of Malton communities with in depth knowledge of those community and the services available to them shall be on the committee.
  • From time to time the committee may invite staff, community members and other guests as deemed appropriate.


The duration of the Advisory Committee is from August 15, 2008 until December 20, 2008. The BCHC Board of Directors may request an extension but that extension shall not extend beyond January 31, 2009.


  • To ensure that the consultants have access to all community members and stakeholders.
  • To identify appropriate location, communication tools and resources needed for community members and stakeholders to participate in the process.
  • To promote the community engagement process and to market it in a positive manner.
  • To assist the consultants in marketing the community engagement process such that it is culturally and linguistically appropriate.
  • To identify the barriers that may exist for particular community members and stakeholders that would prohibit or minimize their participation. To work on exploring and identifying options that would reduce or minimize those barriers.
  • To review the data collected and consultants analysis of that data with a view to ensure its accuracy and that it is authentic.
  • To assist in defining appropriate reporting mechanisms back to the community members and stakeholders.